Who we are

EVIYN HOLDING (EH) is a Belgian based holding which controls many other actitivities. EH controls or has at least 50% of the following companies:


Argonaut provides advisory andconsulting services to a range of clients in the mining, oil and gas,utilities, education, privateand government sectors


Nyive Resources Ltd (NRL) is mainly a mining vehicle based in Perth, Australia.NRL hasacquired mining licenses in many countries in Africa such as Niger, Mali, Tanzania, CongoBrazzaville and Mauritania. Someof these projects have found their way to the ASX.

NRL is currently assessing many mining prospects in Mali, Zimbabwe, DRC and Burkina Faso.


NYIVE ENERGY(NE)has mainly taken over theactivities of QUEST ENERGY LTD (QEL).Quest Energy has been seeking to explore, appraise and ultimately produce petroleum and gasresources on the African continent. QEL has detained in the past, either directly or through localsubsidiaries, interest in oil blocks in Ghana, Chad and Ivory Coast.

NE is also involved in the structuring and implementation of Waste to Energy projects and manyother Power Plants projects in Africa.

Many projects are being assessd in Ghana, SA, IC, Malaysia and Chili. 


NYIVE INFRASTRUCTURES’s focus is to identify, assess and structure all kinds of infrastructures projects accross the African continent.  

NI has concluded partnerships with many major infrastructures companies around the world, mainly Europe and China for the financing and implementation of the identified projects. 

Many projects being assessed at the moment in Ghana, IC, Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Egypt, South Sudan, SA, Tanzania and DRC.  


NYIVE PARTICIPATIONS aims to take interests in any commercial, industrial and service companies with hi stake growth opportunities.  

Mainly in agriculture and food production activities, logistics activities.